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Rich Sutherland - Blog Superstar, PR Guy & Guinea Pig

Rich Sutherland is the author of The Unitary Authority of Ersatz, a quirky collection of short stories and humorous poetry. His favourite colour is Cornish Pasty and he loves the smell of confusion. Between writing weekly blog posts, Rich can be found on his Facebook page and on Twitter under @sobananapenguin. He also writes short stories within 140 characters under the guise @tinyweefiction.
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Do you even sew, bro?

Rich Sutherland | Jul 24th '14
Friday 25th July is Thread the Needle Day, when we're all encouraged to pick up our needle and thread, thread the thread through the needle, then thread the thread together over and over using the needle, resulting in some great threads that you can perhaps... [read more]

Forget about the birds

Rich Sutherland | Jul 7th '14
We all know how important bees are, and not just for the honey industry. Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last decade, you'll have come across umpteen articles, news features, radio discussions and even cartoon strips, films and other media... [read more]

A lens full of Hull

Rich Sutherland | Jun 29th '14
A lens full of Hull
Today is Camera Day, and would you believe that I don't own one? An actual camera, I mean; one that isn't also able to receive calls, check the weather and send pointless tweets. Still, I do very much enjoy taking snaps wherever I go, as my Instagram account... [read more]

Walk into the light

Rich Sutherland | Jun 17th '14
People often think me a misery guts when I tell them that I prefer dark nights to light ones, that I can't wait for the cyan and turquoise to dim with dignity following my evening meal rather than stretch cockily toward midnight. I can understand why... [read more]

It wasn't me

Rich Sutherland | Jun 9th '14
For as long as I can remember, I've tried to adhere to a very simple principle: Honesty. If I've done something wrong at work, I'll bring it to everyone's attention before they discover it themselves. If I've accidentally let slip a friend's secret, I'll... [read more]

3... 2... 1... DRAW!

Rich Sutherland | Jun 5th '14
3... 2... 1... DRAW!
Lazy one. Saturday 7th June is Drawing Day, inviting us to drop everything but our pencils and get sketching! What do you think to my quasi-dinosaur? He's part T. rex, part gecko and totally peed off that Bomf the caveman has killed his youngling...... [read more]

Mmmmm, nice

Rich Sutherland | May 31st '14
I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but on Sunday 1st June you need to take one for the team and... *choke*... give someone a compliment! Sunday 1st June is Say Something Nice Day, created by the Mayors of North Charleston and Charleston... [read more]

Amphibians on the brain

Rich Sutherland | May 21st '14
Amphibians on the brain
If I were to say Leonardo, what would spring to mind? Would it be the Mona Lisa or his Vitruvian Man? Maybe it'd be a marvellous contraption, such as his crazy flying machines that look as aerodynamic as a bird strapped to a brick. Then again, it could be... [read more]
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