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Rich Sutherland - Blog Superstar, PR Guy & Guinea Pig

Rich Sutherland is the author of The Unitary Authority of Ersatz, a quirky collection of short stories and humorous poetry. His favourite colour is Cornish Pasty and he loves the smell of confusion. Between writing weekly blog posts, Rich can be found on his Facebook page and on Twitter under @sobananapenguin. He also writes short stories within 140 characters under the guise @tinyweefiction.
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Be the (Don) King of the Haircuts

Rich Sutherland | Jan 5th '14
No doctor on Monday, but a chemist on Sunday. You know what they say: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. They were lying, of course, but the sentiment was there. Monday 6th January is Apple Tree Day, celebrating not only the humble fruit but the very... [read more]

Twenty occasions this week. TWENTY!!

Rich Sutherland | Dec 29th '13
Seriously... twenty occasions... in seven days... twenty of 'em... Monday 30th December. Two days until the diet begins. It's also Bacon Day. 'Nuff said. Shhhhhh! I mean it! Tuesday 31st December is No Interruptions Day, the last chance to get stuff... [read more]

Chriiiiiiiiistmas time...

Rich Sutherland | Dec 22nd '13
Feeling frugal? This Monday is for you. We begin the Christmas week with modesty and simplicity. Festivus on Monday 23rd December is a celebration of the festive period, but renounces the commercial and folkloric overtones and instead focuses on no-frills... [read more]

Ho ho humbug!

Rich Sutherland | Dec 15th '13
A week for confectionary, Christmas trees and a grumpy Kris Kringle. Do you like chocolate? 'Course you do. How about anything else? You heard me: anything else other than chocolate. Chances are you do, so Monday 16th December is for you as it's Chocolate... [read more]

Starting with endoflevelbaddie

Rich Sutherland | Dec 9th '13
Begin with something bangin'! Prepare for an adrenalised start to your week, as Monday 9th December is Techno Day. The music style originated in Detroit, USA, but I'm going to take this opportunity to recommend endoflevelbaddie, an artist from my hometown... [read more]

Brownies at the ready!

Rich Sutherland | Dec 1st '13
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, in that there's a lot of goodwill, mischief and food involved... It's December. Monday 2nd December to be precise. There's another thirty days until the diet begins, so indulge in some sweet or savoury pan-fried... [read more]

Plenty of French grub this week!

Rich Sutherland | Nov 24th '13
Ice cream for starters, red apple for dessert... Did you know that 'eclair' means 'flash of lightning' in French? Wikipedia says that the link is unclear, but surely it's obvious in that they're gone as quick as a flash of lightning. Similarly, 'parfait',... [read more]

There's an Anchorman reference in this one. Just saying.

Rich Sutherland | Nov 17th '13
There's an Anchorman reference in this one. Just saying.
You can't really go wrong with this week, even if you have a bad day on Tuesday. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble: Monday 18th November is a chance to get your Halloween costume back out, but for a far more serious setting. Occult Day is when ghouls,... [read more]
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