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Comics have had a long and storied history, going back far further than most people truly realize. There are evidence of sequential art and single panel art almost as long as there has been sketches. They have been used to tell stories most fantastic, to share political ideas and agendas, and certainly to make a mockery of political figures in every age. From your Saturday morning comics to lavish pieces of erotic fiction, there isn’t a single topic that hasn’t been touched on by the comic artists pen. Lovers of animation have this art form to thank for the original animated films, as each frame of the film was hand drawn by dedicated artists. Free Comic Book Day puts these amazing works of art and literature into the hands of even those that can’t afford them!

History of Free Comic Book Day
Free Comic Book day was established by Joe Field in 2001. While writing for a magazine of the comic industry, he noted that there had been an upsurgence in purchases in the wake of the recent flow of comic book franchise movies. Society and finances were both looking favorably on this unending wealth of stories, and so it was that he suggested the institution of a Free Comic Book Day to spread the fandom as wide as possible. The first Free Comic Book Day was held on the opening of the 2002 Spider-Man film, hoping to ride on the wave of promotion and all the hub-bub going on about it in the news and other media sources.
While not every year sees Free Comic Book Day coming into line with the release of another feature-film, it often happens as a matter of providence. While the comics do cost the retailers a small amount each, they are routinely given away to all comers to help drive interest in the comic book hobby.

How to Celebrate Free Comic Book Day
While Free Comic Book Day is certainly an opportunity to try a new comic from your local comic retailer, it’s also your opportunity to support the industry by making a purchase. Most everyone knows of the mainstream comic retailers DC and Marvel, but there are hundreds of publishers both corporate and independent who produce amazing comics on every topic you can image. Free Comic Book Day is your opportunity to expand your mind and your knowledge of this amazing hobby and source of stories.

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