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Rich Sutherland

Rich is a copywriter and social media manager who loves writing about random things in his spare time. Between weekly posts for Days of the Year, he can be found on his blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. He also writes short stories within 140 characters on his @tinyweefiction channel. If you see him in the street, make sure to wave (he's 6'4" with glasses, a beard and rockabilly hair - can't miss him).
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Kindly pass the paperclips

Rich Sutherland | Sep 1st '15
I think that Bring Your Manners To Work Day is my new favorite Day, simply because it's so specific. Apparently it was created by The Protocol School of Washington to remind people of the importance of treating people with courtesy and respect in the... [read more]

The Bee Lady of Hull

Rich Sutherland | Aug 25th '15
Wednesday 26 August is Women's Equality Day, which covers everything from equal rights and equal pay, to celebrating individual women who have made the world a better place through extraordinary achievements. When you think of amazing women, the ones most... [read more]

One for the books

Rich Sutherland | Jul 29th '15
One for the books
As a writer, I love books. As a reader, I love books. As an advocate of the human race and its ability to create, inspire, assess, explore, explain, motivate, amaze and entertain through the written word, I love books. Even as an environmentalist,... [read more]

Think small

Rich Sutherland | Jul 21st '15
Some of you may think that it's a little late for me to point out that July 2015 is Independent Retailer Month, to which I say the following: Chill out, there's still another ten days to make the most of it. Take it as an opportunity to go out and... [read more]

5 awesome aliens

Rich Sutherland | Jul 1st '15
I absolutely love aliens. Not just the concept that we're not alone in the universe and may one day be visited by an intelligent race from beyond the stars, but aliens themselves, in all their fascinating forms. From deadly beasts and technologically advanced... [read more]

The sweetest month of the year

Rich Sutherland | Jun 25th '15
I've only just realised that June is Candy Month, which must surely be the happiest time of year. Even more so than Christmas, as we don't have to wrap anything up, carols aren't required, and there's none of that ridiculous "it's better to give than to... [read more]

The Say Something Nice Day Song

Rich Sutherland | May 30th '15
Some of the occasions in the Days Of The Year calendar are just lovely. As with every other event that we list, Say Something Nice Day is a legitimate celebration, taking place on 1st June and created by the Mayors of North Charleston and Charleston in the... [read more]

Where all life can be found

Rich Sutherland | May 19th '15
I'm a big fan of museums. I believe they should be free, but I also believe that the public and businesses should give what they can. I grew up with my local museums, visiting them as a family quite regularly. These ranged from the Maritime Museum to the... [read more]
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