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Rich Sutherland

Rich is a copywriter and social media manager who loves writing about random things in his spare time. Between weekly posts for Days of the Year, he can be found on his blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. He also writes short stories within 140 characters on his @tinyweefiction channel. If you see him in the street, make sure to wave (he's 6'4" with glasses, a beard and rockabilly hair - can't miss him).
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Bricks, mortar, connections and memories

Rich Sutherland | Nov 10th '14
"We shape our buildings; therefore they shape us." Good old Churchill had a point as always, the clever bugger.   Architecture could well be described as the most multifaceted art form. It reflects the time in which it is built, can take... [read more]

The trouble with bears

Rich Sutherland | Nov 4th '14
Friday 7th November is Hug A Bear Day. Nawwww, that's a nice one, isn't it? Yes it is... kind of. It's all about teddy bears and their importance to a happy childhood, and perhaps even adulthood due to unbreakable emotional connections and a strong,... [read more]

A list of fictional reptiles. (Why not, eh?)

Rich Sutherland | Oct 21st '14
A list of fictional reptiles. (Why not, eh?)
Tuesday 21st October is Reptile Awareness Day. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking: it was barely a month ago that we celebrated Iguana Awareness Day. Well, what can I say? I guess we just love our cold-blooded, egg-laying cousins that much, what with... [read more]

Mental health, wellbeing and mindfulness

Rich Sutherland | Oct 10th '14
Mental health, wellbeing and mindfulness
Unlike many illnesses, there is no blanket cure for mental health issues. If you become physically sick, whether it’s from the common cold or a debilitating virus, there’s usually something that can be prescribed. Unfortunately, mental health is very... [read more]

Punctuate to communicate

Rich Sutherland | Sep 22nd '14
Punctuate to communicate
Let's eat, Grandma. Let's eat Grandma. Punctuation can mean the difference between a family meal and cannibalism, yet there are so many examples of poorly punctuated messages all around the world. From road signs to text conversations and everything... [read more]

Rockin' around

Rich Sutherland | Sep 15th '14
Did you know that there's a celebration called Collect Rocks Day? I didn't until just now and I've been writing this blog for almost three years, so fair play if you had no idea either. So yeah, Tuesday 16th September is a great opportunity to get your... [read more]

12 Hairy Faces

Rich Sutherland | Sep 4th '14
Beards are great. However, whilst I was at university, and pretty much throughout my twenties for that matter, beards weren't generally considered great at all. In fact, they were actively discouraged by the majority of the world's female population.... [read more]

Belittling Pluto

Rich Sutherland | Aug 21st '14
Belittling Pluto
When Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, allowing Neil and Buzz to go outside and play whilst Michael picked at his dehydrated meatloaf back in the shuttle, I was yet to be born. In fact, I wouldn't enter this universe for another thirteen years, and even then... [read more]
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