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Date night! The best time of the month/week in which you and your partner get to spend a romantic evening together. But what happens if neither of you can’t think of what to do for date night. There are plenty of ways in which you can be romantic. Here’s my list of 30 ways to be romantic.

  1. Cook a romantic dinner.
  2. Give a full-body massage.
  3. Pack a sunset picnic.
  4. Prepare strawberries with fondue chocolate.
  5. Snuggle together on a rainy day.
  6. Write me a poem, or read their favorite one to them.
  7. Take a moonlit walk on the beach.
  8. Get good wine, watch shooting stars.
  9. Bring home good coffee or a decadent sweet.
  10. Ride a Ferris wheel.
  11. Wake up your partner with coffee in hand.
  12. Sneak away from a party and make out.
  13. Bring home great take-out, and light some candles.
  14. Fix something or fix up the house just to make your partner happy.
  15. Slow dance to romantic music.
  16. Take a nap together.
  17. When your partner gets up with the kids and lets you sleep in.
  18. Take some quiet time and talk about your day.
  19. Write little notes, one for each way he or she drives you crazy.
  20. Feed each other grapes.
  21. Calls each other by a nickname that only you know.
  22. Create a little box with a bunch of your partner’s favorite things inside.
  23. Sing a favorite song to him or her. Only do this if you can sing fairly well.
  24. Have dinner on the roof, with some candles. This doesn’t work if your roof slopes sharply.
  25. Hold hands, and walk somewhere with lots of pretty lights.
  26. Say I love you. In a different way, every day.
  27. Plan a mini-vacation! And your partner handle all the details.
  28. Bring home a treat or flowers when he knows you’ve had a bad day.
  29. Write a love letter to each other and hide it in their jacket pocket.
  30. Make a list of everything you love about him or her.

So how many would you do for your partner? Why not try a few to surprise your partner to show how romantic you can be! Is there anything else that you would do for your partner, is there something that I have missed. Why not let me know in the comments below a lets share the love.

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