I absolutely love aliens. Not just the concept that we’re not alone in the universe and may one day be visited by an intelligent race from beyond the stars, but aliens themselves, in all their fascinating forms. From deadly beasts and technologically advanced warmongers, to friendly species and balls of intelligent energy, the last century or so has brought us some incredible glimpses into what other solar systems may contain. Here are some of my favourites in tribute to World UFO Day.


Short for Alien Life Form, ALF crash landed in the Tanner family’s garage after intercepting a ham radio transmission. ALF is happy to live in hiding within the suburban household, as it turns out that his home planet, Melmac, was destroyed as a result of nuclear war. Quintessentially ’80s American right down to the hairstyle, he gets along well with his adoptive family and even gives up eating cats as a means of fitting in.

Alien1Image source: CINEMABLEND

Blue Demons

Part of the Galaxy Quest universe, these seemingly sweet little baldies squat inside an old mining facility on a distant planet. They walk around naked and look like children, yet their sudden spitefulness, violence, homicidal tendencies and cannibalism suggest otherwise. Approach with extreme caution, and if they start chanting “Gorignak”, immediately flee before the rock monster arrives.


Energy Being

This physiologically advanced race is made up of pure energy, having evolved beyond the need for legs, nostrils, fingernails, beards etc. Despite being so developed, the one below still appears to drink beer and speaks with the voice of a teenage boy in the middle of a rough puberty, classic Futurama style.


Image source: The Infosphere


Ah, the Vogons from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Possibly the complete opposite of the Energy Beings, with their grotesquely primitive features, slovenly potato sack bodies, and the ability to sap every ounce of energy out of people simply by reading them a few lines of their awful poetry. Still, they’re very bureaucratic and revel in fine print and red tape, which I find quite endearing.


Image source: Vogon Poetry Generator



In my opinion, Roger the alien is the star of American Dad. He’s a foul-mouthed, fabulously effeminate, alcoholic, self-obsessed layabout who loves junk food, Cher, other people’s failures, and fuelling his multiple personalities with increasingly elaborate costumes, wigs and backstories. Having said that, he does have a heart, it’s just hidden beneath thick rolls of grey flab.


Image source: Giphy


Bonus: E.T.

I can hardly write a piece about awesome aliens without including the one that has been stealing our hearts since 1982. With his old granny face, magic healing finger and high-pitched voice, this little dude can turn household objects into interstellar transmitters, plus he really knows how to rock a hoody.


Image source: The Telegraph


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