Corn Dog Day. This reminds me of Tempura Day, when I battered a lovely piece of fish (cool story, bro). Today I battered and fried a couple of hot dogs on sticks – not sticks from the garden, proper skewer-type things – and they turned out really well.

But as you may already be aware, I don’t really like it when things turn out well for this blog, as I find it difficult to write about success. I prefer occasions such as Marzipan Day, when I mixed the product into a Full English Breakfast and nearly made myself sick; Bubble Bath Day, which should have been simple and relaxing, but instead resulted in the destruction of my bathroom; and of course Ferris Wheel Day (also Valentine’s Day and my 30th birthday), during which I had to undergo a very long, dull, solitary and totally pointless bus trip on the city circular.

I also enjoy looking at these occasions through a child’s kaleidoscope to see what strange references or tenuous links I can embrace. Examples are eating components of Pop-up Pirate during Sword Swallowers Day; making a basic communications device on Tin Can Day; and even the outcome of Lips Appreciation Day of less than 24 hours ago when… well, the less said about that, the better.

So today, I’d like to celebrate the miracle of Corn Dog Day by paraphrasing a song by one Mr Elvis Presley:

You ain’t nothing but a corn dog,

frying all the time.

You ain’t nothing but a corn dog,

chilli sauce and lime.

Well you ain’t really that nutritious

but then, heck, that ain’t no crime.

Oh, and for all you lovers of shamrock and Guinness, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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