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Every so often we all feel like there’s got to be a better way to live our lives, away from the 9-5 and constantly being subjugated by the almighty dollar. Sometimes we long for the bright blue sky and the roar of the ocean waves, the snap of lines holding sails taut and aloft, and the freedom to set a heading for wherever our hopes and dreams deem to guide us.

Thankfully there’s a day for that, and it sets the hearts and minds of those land-locked sailors alight. Those intrepid souls who pretend to be lubbers while their hearts truly long for the open sea.

Talk Like A Pirate Day gives us the only excuse we need to truly set our sights on a day as a pirate, and chase that dream on the back of rum-based drinks and far more R’s in our words than is typically good for us.

So What’s The Story Here? Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Talk Like A Pirate Day ended up being an unintentional gift for an ex-wives birthday, and was born out of that most unlikely of piratical sports, racquetball. A discovery was made by two men playing it that, like all things in life, shouting insults at each other over the vagaries of scoring in a tone most piratical made then entire experience that much more fun.

The tale behind what exactly led to Talk Like A Pirate Day growing from a backyard game of racquetball into an international event with thousands celebrating it is long, convoluted, and largely unexpected.

Someone told a radio celebrity about it, who agreed to promote it, and off it exploded like a galleon into the sea. Ok, so maybe that metaphor didn’t make sense, and maybe it’s not all that convoluted, but its still how it all happened.

What should you do about it? Well first off make sure that you dig into your closet and find your piratey best and pack more R’s into your speech than is typically necessary. Also, remember to tell the worst forms of pirate jokes, things like “What’s a Pirate Retirement Plan? The 401-Rrrrrr.” What is a pirates favorite letter? “You’d think it was the R, but every pirate truly loves the C.” Hey, we didn’t say they were good jokes, consider yourself warned.

Talk Like A Pirate Day is a great celebration, and there’s a world of piratey games online that you can play to get into the spirit, including Puzzle Pirates and Pirates of the Burning Sea. If you can’t be a pirate in real life, get out and be a pirate in the digital world!