A few people I know spring to mind when I think of Actors’ Day, and it’s not even like they’re drama students – they’re actual actors that act in actual… acty things.

The reason for this is that I worked at— Plays! That’s what they’re called; plays.

Sorry. The reason for this is that I worked at Hull Truck Theatre for a good year and a half, meeting all different types of actors on a regular basis. Most were sweet and lovely, the type you could bump into in the street and have a chat with. One in particular was a snotty diva that succeeded in rubbing almost everyone the wrong way. Two others were seasoned professionals specialising in strong characters that required depth and humour; one was a brickie in his spare time, who once read out a piece of mine at the Humber Mouth Literature Festival; and another seemed more like a friendly dinner lady than someone who would take to the stage night after night.

Professionally speaking, as a writer, it’s especially good to know actors. I plan to write short films and small performance pieces for the future, so being friends with a few on Facebook is always handy. But my favourite part is being able to say “I’ve had a cuppa with him” when one suddenly appears on your TV screen. Especially when it’s a small, likeable Geordie playing Jesus in the recent series of Red Dwarf.


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