Well hello there, my name’s Richard Sutherland and I’d like to welcome you to the blog for Days Of The Year, which hereafter I shall refer to as DOTY for reasons of speed, narrative flow and sheer laziness on my part.

This blog will see me celebrating and/or marking each Day accordingly, so if Cider Day presents itself I will pay tribute to the wonderful libation with gusto, and on Personal Trainer Awareness Day I will most certainly make myself at the very least aware of personal trainers.

The DOTY blog is a daily project and some days actually have two Days… if you see what I mean. Plus 2012 is a leap year and as yet I have no idea what 29th February will mark, so I guess we’ll all find out together. (I hope it’s something exciting now that I’ve drawn attention to it; knowing my luck it’ll be Long Division Day or something.)

I’m looking forward to sharing with you my adventures, misadventures and, to be honest, what will in some cases be non-adventures throughout the year. However, it’s just struck me, after months of planning, that there will no doubt be times when I have to honour things that I dislike, hate, and of which I may even be totally terrified, such as mushrooms, spiders and audience participation. Rest assured, these posts will make good reading and I’m positive that the site creator will pay for my therapy bills.

Thank you for checking out the DOTY blog, it’s very kind of you and I’ll make sure to buy you a drink as soon as I find my wallet and just happen to bump into you.

See you tomorrow. Oh, and have an amazing New Year’s Eve!


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