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An arachnid in a hole in the desk

23rd Jan, 2012 | Posted by in Blog
An arachnid in a hole in the desk

My old GCSE Geography teacher once told me that my handwriting was so bad, it looked like a spider had walked through an inkwell. Not that we had inkwells in that school, mind you, and in the five years I spent there I didn’t once see a spider. Still, below is a fresh example of the infamous scrawls that made that teacher (who was lovely, by the way) suggest I write in block capitals, which I’ve done ever since.

In fact these days I very rarely use a pen at all, as I’d say a good 95% of my non-verbal words are typed into Microsoft Office, Facebook, Twitter, and in this instance WordPress. Still, Handwriting Day is a special occasion, so here’s a short written piece about cabbage. Oof, it’s got me salivating already!

P.S. Since this post went live, a few people have commented that my handwriting is fine. I think it may have improved a lot since I was a teenager, as back in the day I placed small circles above each ‘i’ and ‘j’ instead of dots, and my lower case ‘t’ looked like a ‘b’ for some reason. Perhaps I’ll write about cabbage more often.

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