It’s Cow Appreciation Day combined with Embrace Your Geekness Day, so it’s a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to Heffer Wolfe, the greedy yellow steer in the fantastic early-to-mid nineties Nickelodeon TV show Rocko’s Modern Life.

I haven’t seen it for years but I reckon I’d appreciate it even more now that I’m a grown-up and truly appreciate innuendo, and humour that borders on the perverse. For example, there’s an episode where Heffer, who is male, is mistaken for a dairy cow and hooked up to an automatic milking machine. Watched alongside Ren and Stimpy, it’s a wonder I’m not totally warped. Oh wait.

So I hope you all enjoy this excellent dual celebration. I’m now off to play Word Feud, read Walking Dead and watch some Ray William Johnson videos, all while eating a beef sandwich.


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