Day of Awesomeness. This occasion is awesome in itself because I believe it’s the only one that begins with the word ‘Day’ as opposed to ending with it. But for those of you who don’t find such tedious details awesome, allow me to briefly talk about something that is undeniably and well and truly awesome: Waldo Pancake.

Waldo Pancake is actually a fella called Jim Smith, who describes himself as “the most boringly named designer, illustrator and copywriter in the world”, which is why he goes by a more attention-grabbing moniker, doubling as his trademark.

Using bright colours with bold, friendly text, Waldo Pancake products are cool, tongue-in-cheek and often make you sit back and think, even if only for a nanosecond. I personally own two notepads – a green one with ‘If found do not publish’ and an orange one with ‘Writing things down is the new thinking them’ proudly printed on their covers. I love these items of stationery and I use them almost every day for logging down ideas for my writing.

A more random Waldo Pancake creation that I’ve treated myself to is a mug displaying a checklist:




Unless I’m missing an obvious joke, this is just a random design, yet it always raises the curiosity of visitors to my house; plus I get to boast that “oh yes, I’m very cool, I am”, usually whilst spilling brown liquid down my shirt.

One thing I don’t own and would probably never use yet still really want is the Waldo Pancake eraser that simply says ‘Undo’. I guess if I bought this I’d also better get myself a pencil, so I reckon I’d go for the one that declares it’s ‘Compatible with paper’.

So look out for this most awesome brand, which also sells household items like a sugar tin (‘Might be salt’), coasters (‘Do not dunk’) and a brown sauce dispenser (‘Because you’re common’). I’m sure you’ll agree that a house filled with such self-assured accessories would be, all together now, AWESOOOOMMME!!


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