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We’ve all had those moments when we’d really just like to not be held responsible for something we have most certainly done. I mean, we could always blame Tom in accounting, right? Generally, as adults, we’re encouraged to take responsibility for our behavior and actions, and isn’t that just lovely? Thankfully, you and I are getting a day off of being responsible for anything, and it’s everybody else who gets to be at fault. That day is Blame Somebody Else Day!

So what do I do on Blame Somebody Else day?

We’ll tell you, but only because Richard at the sub shop told us to. On somebody else day you take responsibility for absolutely nothing. Knock a glass off your counter in the morning? It’s obviously the cats’ fault. What about getting that paper in on time? Well, you gave it to Kelsey, so who knows what she did with it. All of these are perfectly valid ways to celebrate the holiday. But the question is, how do you really get started?

That’s the glory of Blame Someone Else Day, you finally get a day completely guilt free to get away from all of those nasty consequences. So now you’re probably wondering what the next step is, right?

Well, that’s as simple as making sure you have a full list of mistakes you’ve made.. (I mean other people… right? Yes… You messed me up there) and start making sure you aren’t blamed for them. It was clearly not your fault, you were, as always, completely on point and perfect the whole day, who would doubt you?

An interesting twist

Just to make sure you keep things fully balanced, it’s probably a good idea to shift the blame for something good onto someone else today. It can really help you to brighten their day, and is certainly easier than dealing with the consequences of those acts, right? If you’re feeling really ambitious, take the blame for someone ELSE’s mistake (that would make you the somebody else) and let them off the hook. After all, you’re bound to blame them for something else, right?

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