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Breaking Free From Stress: Stress Awareness Day

5th Nov, 2015 | Posted by in Blog
Breaking Free From Stress: Stress Awareness Day

Stress is a killer, don’t you know? It’s been shown to contribute to heart disease, trouble sleeping, and that’s just to start things off. Awareness of your stress if the first step to learning how to deal with it, and aren’t we fortunate that Stress Awareness Day exists to give us time to set aside and do some self-assessment.

We all have to deal with stress from different quarters, especially with the crazy pace of our modern lives. Rushing to and from work, taking kids to daycare and sports and organizational meetings, breakfast, dinner, shopping, and the constant electronic leash that are our beloved (and sometimes maligned) electronics all take their toll on us over time if we don’t make sure to take care of ourselves.

“Who has time for that?” I hear you say? Believe me, I understand, life is a perilous venture and there always seem to be a million things that must be done and easily half a million more that should. So what’s a person to do?Until I realized it was only making things worse, I used to be a big fan of procrastination. I mean hey, it can always be done tomorrow and then give me more time to enjoy today, right? Right? Ok, no.. Doesn’t work that way, instead you wind up worrying endlessly about what needs to be done tomorrow and the next day, and what should have been done today and yesterday. Not really an optimal set of choices there.

Dealing with Stress
The best way to start dealing with stress is to become aware of where the sources of stress in your life are. You may think this is easy and fairly obvious, but as you’re thinking about things you’ll find things that make your stomach and chest go tight. Things that just thinking about them adds to your stress level, and you’ll suddenly realize there are little things that stress you out you’d never have considered.

For me, it was the very process of creating this list. Once it was down on paper I felt a kind of relief, and started organizing a schedule to help deal with it. Procrastination, as I mentioned, was one of my biggest problems, and having a steady schedule of how to manage the things that were stressing me out helped a great deal.

Take Stress Awareness Day to sort out all the things that are concerning you, all the things that nibble away at your peace of mind and daily calm, and do the research on how to deal with each of them. Sometimes it’s about taking a moment to breathe in the middle of a busy day, or making sure you work leisure time into your busy schedule. Occasionally, it’s about letting an obligation go when it’