Yesterday’s blog post explained how I was preparing myself for the Chestnut Challenge – ‘a 1Kg (2.2lb) steak pie served with chunky chips and locally sourced vegetables with lashings of home-made gravy’, which very few have taken on at The Chestnut Horse in Kelk, and far, far fewer have conquered.

Sadly and, I must admit, to my surprise, I was defeated with a sizeable amount of food remaining on my plate, despite taking a break to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. My friend Steve also failed at beating this gargantuan plate of nosh, but we were both very proud that we gave it a go, and the landlord shook our hands vigorously for a damn good effort.

Upon returning home, the cats gave me plenty of warm moral support, perfectly celebrating Hug Your Cat Day. As for the other occasion, Train Day, I honoured the vehicles by going straight to bed, thereby leaving the locomotion to them for the rest of the night.


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