It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, in that there’s a lot of goodwill, mischief and food involved…

It’s December. Monday 2nd December to be precise. There’s another thirty days until the diet begins, so indulge in some sweet or savoury pan-fried goodness as part of Fritter Day. I’m rather a fan of the apple and cinnamon variety myself but I feel I should experiment a little considering the circumstances. Haddock and marshmallow it is!

There’s one of those pesky triple occasions on Tuesday 3rd December, but they’re all very worthy causes. Roof Over Your Head Day encourages us to appreciate the simple luxury that is the safe, warm and comfortable sanctuary of our homes, something that many can’t boast due to social, economic or political circumstances. Disability Day is when we all come together to make the world as accessible as possible for those with disabilities, as well as promoting awareness through some kind of community event, such as a poem, performance or concert. Finally, Make A Gift Day is very straightforward and comes from the heart – by creating a present by hand for a friend or loved one, you can release your creativity whilst putting a smile on their face.

Wear Brown Shoes Day falls on Wednesday 4th December. Need I say more?

Ninja Day is a time for amazing fun. It’s also a time when people are likely to be scared our of their wits by mischievous friends appearing out of nowhere – possibly from the ceiling – clad entirely in black and blasting food from hands using small metal stars. Whatever you do on Thursday 5th December, do it stealthily.

Miners’ Day on Friday 6th December pays tribute to those who source countless essential materials from deep underground in order to fuel the world’s industries. Miners work in the best interests of society but at great risk to their personal health, and often their very lives. This is a day to find out more about mining, and having quickly Googled it myself I’ve come across the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation. Do you have a local charity dedicated to mining communities?

In all honesty, I can’t remember the last time I wrote someone a letter. I use Facebook to message numerous people every single day for a variety of reasons, not to mention emails, social media, text messages and phone calls for everything from work to ordering a pizza. But a handwritten letter? Man, it’s been ages. Letter Writing Day on Saturday 7th December is the perfect opportunity to put pen to paper, especially seeing how it’s the time of year to get in touch with old friends.

I may have sung in a choir when I was at primary school, but I certainly haven’t in the last twenty years. Or if I have, I’ve understandably blanked it from memory. Sunday 8th December is Choral Day, when apparently we should all come together to belt out a tune in poorly organised cacophonous glory. (I suppose it is the time of year when it’s generally allowed.) Having said that, it’s also Brownie Day, and if anything deserves being sung about, it’s sticky, chocolatey, cakey goodness!

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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