Three months into the blog! A full quarter of the project – incredible. In this time I’ve celebrated many things, from almonds to a person whose name begins with Z, and hedgehogs to handwriting.

If I’ve learnt anything so far, it’s that I find Saturdays the hardest days to blog. I reckon it’s because during the week it becomes part of the routine – get up, shower, walk to work, do work, gym (perhaps), walk home, Facebook, blog, evening meal, ‘Like’ own blog, DVD, change cat litter, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, choose tie for following day, Facebook, bed. Sundays, meanwhile, are leisurely and easily allow time for blog writing. But Saturdays, ooohhhh Saturdays, they’re bursting at the seams with non-blog activity!

For example, today I went for breakfast with my brother and friends; did some shopping down Newland Avenue and visited the new sweet shop, Sugar Sugar; took a trip to North Dalton (I think that’s where it was) with former workmates to see another former workmate’s baby; then went to my girlfriend’s to stay for the night, only to realise I hadn’t fed the cats their evening meal. So now I’m home at 10:30pm, writing the blog whilst the cats chow down on jellied rabbit anus, and in a few minutes I’ll make the return journey, avoiding drunks, tramps and drunk tramps. In-between all of this there’s been a variety of bits and bobs that I won’t bore you with, but rest assured they took place with gusto.

So Saturdays are hectic and the result is a short blog post, but it appears that my explanation for a short blog post has resulted in a rather lengthy blog post. How ironic.

Anyway, today is Bunsen Burner Day, and although my girlfriend is a science teacher in training, she doesn’t own one (I know, ridiculous, right?). So instead I’d like to pay homage to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, as opposed to Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen himself, and his hapless apprentice Beaker. For without them, how would we ever know never to use an electrical nose warmer?


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