I’ve broken one of the cardinal rules of blogging: Don’t forget what you’re meant to be blogging about.

During my lunch break at work I had a quick ponder over what exactly I could write about for Chocolate Caramel Day, and the first thing that popped into my head was the ever-popular backbone of the working man’s day: the Mars Bar.

I’ve always loved Mars Bars. I could eat one the second I wake up in the morning and moments before falling asleep at night; I’m pretty sure that most men are the same. Not women though. The majority of females I know say it’s either boring or it has too much going on (some even claim both, which is a bit strange). One girl I know will only eat it as a chilled ice cream topping, another only as a molten syrup, and none would choose the Mars Bar out of the myriad of options that are offered by supermarkets and corner shops alike. But as I say, I love ‘em.

However, a few hours passed by before I found myself creating a framework in my head for today’s blog post. I decided to begin by explaining that Mars is named after the Roman God of War and popularly referred to as the Red Planet… that’s right, I’d got my Marses mixed up in my head and hadn’t double-checked the website.

And now I’ve pretty much reached the maximum amount of words I can use in a blog post before people lose interest and leave the site, so… er…

Mars Bar. Nom.


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