Feeling frugal? This Monday is for you.

We begin the Christmas week with modesty and simplicity. Festivus on Monday 23rd December is a celebration of the festive period, but renounces the commercial and folkloric overtones and instead focuses on no-frills decorations made from household items and the acknowledgement of everyday “miracles”, such as the family dog sniffing the carpet or the microwave going ‘bing’.

Those of you in the USA and Canada probably realise that Christmas Eve (Tuesday 24th December) is Eggnog Day, but the rest of us may well be unaware. It’s actually quite hard to get the stuff over here and I can’t be bothered to make it myself, so I suppose an Eggnog Latte at Starbucks is in order.

Another Americancentric occasion falls on Christmas Day itself (Wednesday 25th December). Pumpkin Pie Day is pretty self-explanatory but, again, it’s pretty difficult to get pumpkins over here when it’s not Halloween (or at least I think it is; I guess I’ve never really thought about it). Reckon I’ll just stick to the Christmas pudding with ice cream, followed by the traditional cheese wheel or tin of mixed nuts.

So you’ve celebrated Christmas Day with pumpkin pie, Christmas pud or whatever your local equivalent may be, and now it’s Boxing Day (Thursday 26th December). However, did you know that it’s also Thank You Note Day? Well it is, so get out the pen and paper (or at the very least open your email client) and thank your friends and relatives for the gifts, even if they were cheap, unwanted and perhaps even wildly inappropriate.

Friday 27th December is Make Cut-out Snowflakes Day, which is a sweet one but seems a little late, doesn’t it? Regardless, it’s an opportunity to show off your creativity AND play with scissors! (Please supervise children at all times – it wouldn’t be very festive of you to sue me at Christmas.)

What’s your favourite: bridge, poker, rummy, snap or Happy Families? Saturday 28th December is Card Playing Day, which is a great chance to relax over a game with friends and loved ones. Don’t have any friends or loved ones? Why do you think solitaire was invented? At least that way no one will gloat if you lose every game.

It’s the 28th of December –  the last Sunday of the year. Time to sit back and relax, right? Wrong! Tick Tock Day pushes us to look back over the previous twelve months and assess our achievements and shortfalls. Are there any New Year’s resolutions that fell by the wayside, or goals that came close to fruition but didn’t quick get there? Now’s your chance to play catch-up and make 2013 even more of a success.

Thanks for reading. Now go enjoy your Christmas week!


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