Ice Cream Sandwich Day is a particularly indulgent celebration, and let’s face it, you can’t go wrong.

Bourbons with mint choc chip went down well, as did custard creams with raspberry ripple. The malted milks with tutti frutti were interesting, and I can’t believe it was the first time I’d mixed cookie dough with Hobnobs. However, I was feeling a bit queasy by the time I got to the fortune cookies with caramel ice cream, and I barely even touched my cheesy biscuits covered in the lemon sherbet flavoured variety.

I suppose it is possible to go wrong when it comes to ice cream sandwiches after all, especially when you get to the point where you’re experimenting with dog biscuits – that’s when you know you’ve entered intervention territory.

P.S. That picture isn’t of me but it’s in the Creative Commons, plus the guy has a damn fine beard.


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