It’s a busy week coming up, but at least there are chocolate cupcakes involved…

‘Piebald’ is when an animal has irregular patches of colour and a coot is a bird that’s black with a white streak across its head that looks like a bald patch, hence the phrase “as bald as a coot”. If your scalp resembles that of this particular waterbird, celebrate on Monday 14th October as part of Bald and Free Day, a time to flaunt your chrome dome! It’s also Native American Day –  we don’t have many of them where I live, although I did take the photo that’s used on the Day’s page listing (hopefully you can become more involved than that).

A Victorian super genius that helped Babbage create a steampunk computer (kinda), Ada Lovelace was also the daughter of the poet Lord Byron. A powerful female symbol for almost two centuries, Ada Lovelace Day on Tuesday 15th October commemorates this wonderful and quite brilliant woman. Oh, it’s also Cake Decorating Day, so bake one in Ada’s memory with lines of code made out of hundreds-and-thousands maybe?

O…M…G. We’ve seen many double celebrations, a few triple celebrations, and I think I remember four might have taken place in a single day one time. But SIX?! That’s just taking the biscuit. Regardless, Wednesday 16th October brings us the following: Steve Jobs Day, Dictionary Day, Boss’ Day, Feral Cat Day, Global Dignity Day and Hagfish Day (what an anticlimax).

It’s Thursday 17th October, and unless it’s a special occasion put away the bank card and stop spending money! But seriously, Get Smart About Credit Day is a time to find out whether your spendings and savings are the best they can be, so visit your bank or another form of a financial advisor, and whatever you do, don’t join a pyramid scheme!

Friday 18th October. Can’t talk. Eating. (Chocolate Cupcake Day.)

The largest annual gathering of base jumpers in the world takes place on Saturday 19th October at the New River Bridge, New River Gorge, Fayetteville, West Virginia. Over 200,000 extreme sports fans gather to watch participants plunge 876 feet as part of Bridge Day. If you don’t live anywhere near Fayetteville, it’s also Evaluate Your Life Day, so maybe think more about building bridges rather than jumping off them.

Email, texts, social media, videos, TV shows, news flashes, INFORMATION OVERLOAD DAY! I’m not sure if I’ll succeed at turning off my computer, phone and TV for a full day in a bid to relax and calm my head, but at the very least I’ll stop tweeting every thought that pops into it. *cough-follow me-cough*

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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