Today is Tweed Day, so I made sure to wear a tweed tie (I’m quite a fan of ties, I’m the only person to wear one every day to the office).

Today is also Fish Fingers and Custard Day, which was added very last minute and to my surprise, so thanks very much to Doctor Who and the Beeb for that one.

The idea is to take a video of yourself eating breaded cod sticks dripping in a creamy mixture thickened with starch and post it as a reply to this.

I visited three shops to get the ingredients for this vile-sounding combination. I found fish fingers in the first one, but can you believe that the other two were out of custard? Maybe this day is more popular than I thought. However, arriving at my girfriend’s house, I found that she was feeling under the weather, so preparing a bizarre meal and getting her to film me eat it would be rather selfish.

Still, I promise that I’ll do it tomorrow night and add it to the post for Vitamin C Day – I’m sure it’ll go down a treat with my OJ.


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