Today is Common Courtesy Day. I really do appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to visit this blog, so please allow me to say:

May your cup runneth over.

May your days be many and your troubles few.

May your garden bloom before your neighbour’s.

May your house be silverfish-free.

May your smoothies never contain one piece of apple that refused to blend.

May your gas boiler never break down.

May your sinuses remain clear.

May your household pets not leave “gifts” on your bed.

May your toaster always be at the correct setting.

May your kitchen lino be placed on an even floor, or if not, may it never be walked upon by a woman wearing high heels.

May your antibiotics always be the correct type of antibiotics.

May your recliner forever recline, apart from when you don’t want to be in a reclining position (but may the option still be there).

May your browsing history never be discovered by a friend.

May your nasal hair remain tamed.

May your DVDs have legal information screens that allow you to press the Next Chapter button without getting a warning sign.

May your food cupboards always present you with more than just tins of mushy peas.

May your tap, if dripping, do so to a jaunty tune.

And of course, may you forever enjoy this blog. That is, if you ever have in the first place.


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