A rather tasty week is coming up, but there’s also a lot we need to do to justify our appetite.

Believe it or not, it’s 68 years since the end of World War II. Though V-J Day was originally cause for celebration, today it should be a day to reflect on the atrocities of this global conflict and remember the 60-80 million people who lost their lives as a result. Take the time to learn more about the Second World War, and if you know someone with a first-hand account, make sure to give them your undivided attention. Plus if you’re in America, Monday 2nd September is also Labor Day, so you have no excuse not to take a day off and spend it with some veterans

Now this is one day that everyone can enjoy… unless you’re vegan. Welsh Rarebit Day on Tuesday 3rd September is all about cheese and ale sauce on toast. Don’t know how to make cheese and ale sauce? Welllllll, we’ll let you have regular cheese on toast instead, but just this once!

Wednesday 4th September is not only Newspaper Carrier Day – when we all come together to celebrate the life of Barney Flaherty, who became the first ever paperboy in 1833 – but also Another Look Unlimited Day, which is when we should check through our junk to see if any of it can go to friends, family or charity. Why not combine ‘em and give your paperboy/girl an old lamp or an incomplete jigsaw?

Thursday 5th September is Be Late For Something Day. We’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Friday 6th September is Fight Procrastination Day, which is a little ironic to have immediately after a day that encourages us to be late for things. Still, this is a day for to-do lists, household chores, sorting through your emails, visiting that annoying relative or anything else that you usually put off.

How do you like your sausage? We like ours cured, fermented and air-dried. Doesn’t sound very appetising, but we are of course talking about salami! Saturday 7th September, Salami Day, is an opportunity to try the many varieties available, experiment with recipes, make salami bread for your friends, or maybe just dress up as the Peperami sausage (who, incidentally, isn’t technically a salami, but he is a bit of an animal).

And then on Sunday 8th September we have one of those rare triple occasions (granted, we had one last week) that present us with three very different themes. Physical Therapy Day, Hug Your Hound Day and Literacy Day are all self-explanatory, so we’ll leave you to get exercising before giving your dog a sweaty squeeze and writing a diary entry about how it tried to eat you because you still smelt of salami from Saturday.

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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