Friday 25th July is Thread the Needle Day, when we’re all encouraged to pick up our needle and thread, thread the thread through the needle, then thread the thread together over and over using the needle, resulting in some great threads that you can perhaps wear on your head. (Head threads, AKA a hat.) That’s my definition of “sewing” and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve never been very good at sewing, in fact I rarely get beyond threading the needle because:

1) My hands start to get shaky,

2) My eyes go squinty and even begin to water,

3) For some reason, after a few seconds, the feeling of a very thin piece of polished metal between my thumb and forefinger makes me feel queasy.

So yeah, I’d be an absolutely rubbish tailor. But that doesn’t mean that YOU can’t make the most of this occasion! So as you rummage around and find your sewing box, I’ll leave you with these wonderful images that I found after entering “sewing” into Google. Enjoy!


Here’s a lovely lady sewing.



Here’s a lovely man sewing.



And here’s a lovely cat sewing.



Here’s a pin cushion that makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable and squeamish.



And here’s the obligatory meme that, as far as I’m aware, is indeed totally unexplainable.



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