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You know what’s one of the, most, terrifying issues that face’s modern man? The loss of all of our digital information through the collapse of our hard drive, the loss of a flash drive, or an accidental erasure of our important data. Yet still, thousands of people all over the world fail to keep regular backups of their data and have cataclysmic crashes of their storage options.

How bad can it be?

Every year there is an estimated $1.7 Trillion in costs generated by data loss and downtime, and that’s just from the statistics that are currently available. You see, one of the problems with data loss is that it’s so rarely reported in a trackable way. When business experience data loss, millions are often lost, but when data loss is a problem for millions of individuals each year, you can anticipate that the number above may be considered a conservative estimates in the actual cost.

Some costs can’t be measured in pure dollar amounts either. How do you place a value on the last pictures of your relative that can ever be taken? Or the years of your children’s youth that simply cannot be replaced? These days you can even catalogue your growth through your data, as many people simply don’t throw anything away. There is so much that is dear and precious to us that is stored on our many digital devices that ensuring that data is protected is no minor issue.

What can I do?

There’s a lot of solutions available for every type of user. Companies spring up each year that are offering new solutions for this kind of thing. Some people use options like Dropbox to help solve their storage solutions, and comes with the ability to give multiple people access. Google drive is also available to the average user, but both of these suffer under a limitation of size. If you have a lot of images and data to store, these may not quite be large enough to suit your purposes.

That’s where companies like Acronis step in, offering solutions for every size of data storage need. It can help you backup your entire system or just the important data you need to save. This World Backup Day, take the time to secure your memories, your business, and your important records by finding a data backup solution. Remember, losing data costs time and money!