Sirrah, Mistress, lend me your lobes,
whether a wearer of rags or the finest of robes:
Today sees the marking of Shakespeare the bard,
a champion of ruffs (though his chin was not marred),
so people across this world that’s a stage
should imitate characters from a quill-written page.

The man was a marvel, the father of plays,
revered even now in our digital days.
The young learn his prose in every nation,
assisted by notes that offer translation;
and whether student or elderly, all thespians agree
that Will was a genius at grim tragedy.

So methinks ‘tis high time for king and serf both
to cover their breast and take this firm oath:
“I promise to prithee, forsooth, O and yea,
for this prime celebration: Talk Like Shakespeare Day.”

P.S. Happy St George’s Day and 30th birthday of the ZX Spectrum too!


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