Annoyingly, I didn’t get to visit my local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day as I had a hectic few hours of:

1)     waking up with a hangover (something that happens frequently on a Saturday),

2)     taking four people in morphsuits to church (something that happens fairly frequently, what with me working in marketing),

3)     visiting my friend in Scunthorpe (something I should do far more frequently as he and his Mrs are top banana!)

But never fear! If you go to the monthly emailer from eskimosoup (where I work), you’ll find a short comic strip at the bottom. I wrote it myself – yep, all 53 words of it – and it was drawn by our Graphic Designer, Shane Cane.

Shane’s also a cartoonist, so that covers Cartoonists Day nicely as well. I think that deserves a WHACK! POW! THUNK! and possibly even a PAF!


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