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Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day: Do You Scream For Ice Cream?

15th Feb, 2016 | Posted by in Blog
Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day: Do You Scream For Ice Cream?

You know what’s amazing for breakfast? Ice Cream! From the most basic vanilla ice cream to the rich and luxuriant “Death by Chocolate”, there’s something about Ice Cream that just tickles our taste-buds. While ice cream may not normally be considered a breakfast food, Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast day is as good an excuse as any to break that tradition.

Why Ice Cream For Breakfast?
The tradition of eating Ice Cream for Breakfast came to us from a most unusual place, a mother in the 1960’s trying to brighten the day for her 6 children on a frigid winter day. It was simply so cold out they couldn’t do anything, so to brighten the day it was Ice Cream for Breakfast. The next year she was reminded, and thus the tradition began!
That tradition thus spread from their home, as the children went to college, they organized the day with their friends and fellow students, causing it to spread that much further. When the children of those children began to travel the world, it became international, and has sense spread all over the world, even to China!

So we just eat Ice Cream?
Well, that’s certainly a valid question! That’s the base of the whole thing, and we couldn’t think of a reason greater than that that we would need to eat ice cream for breakfast. But Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day has grown beyond those humble beginnings and become something of a phenomena.
Restaurants and Ice Cream shops all around the world have started to ride on the back of Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast day, and many of them use it as an opportunity to perform a charity drive for their favorite charities. It’s amazing that this simple family tradition started one heavily snowed in winter’s day, and years later is now a massive force of change throughout the world.
So if you love Ice Cream as we do, then take Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast day to have a little extra indulgence in your day, and maybe head on out and patronize one of your favorite Ice Cream shops to help out a charity. You could even organize an event like this at your work or school, or just have your friends over for breakfast on a cold winter day.
Whatever the case, we hope you enjoy yours, and remember that sometime, a little thing like Ice Cream can make a huge difference.