There are quite a few occasions lined up in the DOTY calendar for the week commencing Monday 3rd February (twenty-two, to be precise), ranging from Thank A Mailman Day to Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbours Day. However, there’s one that’s particularly important and focuses on a topic that can surely be enjoyed by the masses, providing you don’t have a really unfair allergy.

World Nutella Day on Wednesday 5th February blows other food-related events out of the chocolate-coloured dishwater. Here are some interesting (and in some cases alarming) facts about everyone’s favourite spread.

  • Nutella has been on the market since 1964, the year The Beatles arrived in America and the Marvel character Daredevil first began his quasi-blind crime-fighting adventures.
  • The chocolate and hazelnut spread is made by the Italian company Ferrero. They also produce the delicious Ferrero Rocher, although this confectionery treat wasn’t released until 1982 (to celebrate my birth, I presume).
  • A two-tablespoon (37 gram) serving of Nutella contains 200 calories. Jesus.
  • In 2012, Ferrero paid $3million in a class action lawsuit for false advertising, as the claim that Nutella was ‘part of a nutritious breakfast’ led many to believe that it carried health benefits. (I always presumed that ‘part of’ actually meant ‘can be eaten in addition to’. Turns out I was right)
  • There are two hazelnuts per 15g portion of nutella and in the last year 529 million hazelnuts were consumed via the spread in the UK alone. Imagine if Nutella contained sprouts, we’d be the healthiest nation on the planet!

Right, that’s enough education, it’s time to get the jar out of the cupboard and whack some of that delicious gooey goodness over anything that’s edible and doesn’t move. Also, check out Nutella’s official websites for more information and news – there’s the US site (smiley face pancake), the UK site (ginger kid laughing at something), the Australian site (fruit in the background to make it appear healthy) and the Canadian site (a banana that looks like it’s been used in some kind of horrible sex act), so choose your country and start spreading the happy!


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