Yorkshire Day was a very proud celebration for me, being a reet proper Yorkshireman missen. Well… maybe I’m not that Yorkshire; I don’t even follow cricket, plus I quite like people from Lancashire.

Still, here’s the greeting I offered my on my Twitter account that morning:

Happy Yorkshire Day to you all! Flat caps, Pontefract cakes, Bronte books, Yorkshire puddings, Jarvis Cocker and ferret legging all round!


I think that sums up my county pretty well, although non-Brits may not know what those are, so here’s a key:

Flat cap: A cap worn by many older men in Yorkshire, as flat as their dull, lifeless eyes.

Pontefract cake: Small,  circular black sweets made of liquorice which, if eaten in large quantities, can cause bowel purging.

Brontë books: Novels written by three Yorkshire sisters who lived tragic lives and died young. Lovely stuff.

Yorkshire pudding: A savoury pudding served with roast dinner, perfect for filling full of peas so you can fit more meat on your plate.

Jarvis Cocker: He wants to sleep with common people like you.

Ferret legging: Here you go.


So, yeah, that’s pretty much what this county is all about. Plus David Hockney of course, with his massive art piece Bigger Trees Near Warter (that’s not a typo, Warter is a village in East Yorkshire), which shows big trees near, well… near Warter.

So I hope you had a happy Yorkshire Day, and a very heartfelt “Ee bah gum!” to you all.


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