I’m all for Environment Day, as it not only celebrates all things green and natural but urges us to make sure they continue to have a presence in this ever-changing world.

Now, I’m no tree-hugging hippie (and no offence if you are), in fact, I’m very much a city slicker and need to be surrounded by manmade objects, bright lights and frivolous usage of plastic
in order to feel comfortable, but at the same time I walk everywhere I can, recycle literally everything that’s recyclable, send compost to the Council’s depot and try to use as little gas, electricity and water as possible (although that’s mainly down to being a skinflint).

The reason for this is because, though a lover of shopping centres, motorways and branded packaging, I’m also very much a lover of fresh water, rolling fields, untouched woodland and breathable air. That’s not to mention beer gardens surrounded by trees, such as the view available at my local bar (Larkin’s – pictured). So please, I urge you, let’s all appreciate the planet and its environment and do everything we can to keep it from ending up like it does in Wall-E. Yeah, that’s right, I just made a Disney Pixar reference – I’m playing hardball!

You can do your bit by washing clothes at 30 degrees or colder, crushing aluminium cans before recycling, only filling the kettle as much as required, and most importantly of all, wearing your underwear for at least three days before throwing it into the laundry basket – anything less is simply an irresponsible luxury and makes baby trees cry.


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