They’re practically the symbol of the occult and ghost stories, they’re harbringers of the spirit realm and often of bad luck, or so the stories go. But then again, they’re also the upstanding symbol of the great goddess Bast, and multiple other deities from cultures all over the world. They also, it just so happens, stand out as the primary symbol of Halloween, and far too often this fame has led to them coming into harms way. Black Cat Day happens in October as a reminder of what makes them truly special and wonderful, and to dispel myths about their role as the bringers of horror and carrier of bad luck.

Ok, So Black Cats Are Awesome, Now What?
The now what is simple, keep an eye out for black cat strays in your neighborhood during this time of year, and even if you have no intention of keeping them beyond the season, bring them inside. If that’s impossible, be sure to take them to a local shelter. Shelters all over the world refuse to adopt black cats at this time of year, there is just far too much folklore encouraging people to treat them in horrible ways and even harm them. While Halloween is a fantastic time of year, there is some peril when you’re a feline of dark coloration.

Black cats are remarkably handsome creatures, sleek bodied and glossy furred, and no matter the color of their eyes they’re absolutely piercing embedded in that deep midnight fur, and if you happen to be a proud owner of one you’re best off keeping them inside this time of year.

So What Else Can I Do To Show My Love?
We mentioned previously that a lot of shelters don’t offer their black cats up for adoption this time of year. What that means is a bunch of black cats that are being passed over for just about every other color of cat in the spectrum waiting in adoption centers for loving people to come and adopt them. Surely you can’t go in and adopt them, but donations of food and time, and a couple hours spent snuggled down with poof-balls of fur that just want to be loved is a great contribution to the work the shelter do, and the spirit of love these cats need every day. As for your own cats, once again, bring them inside and pamper them with treats and loving caresses so they survive this Halloween happy and in one piece.


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