Earlier this week (Beer Can Appreciation Day, to be precise), my voice could be heard across Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire. That’s providing you had your radio on and tuned to 96.9 Viking FM.

Whilst in the studio I chatted to Jim Coulson and Rosie Madison, the eponymous heroes of Breakfast with Jim and Rosie, but our casual banter about the website and its wacky days suddenly took on true direction and magnitude, as the presenters came up with the idea of getting their listeners to help them found National Jim and Rosie Day. (Not National Rosie and Jim Day, as that would revolve around a popular children’s TV series from the nineties about two rag dolls living on a narrowboat.)

Over the course of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, countless listeners rang the station, sent texts and emails, posted on Facebook and, most importantly of all, used the hashtag #nationaljimandrosieday on Twitter to show their desire for this potential national celebration to become a reality. It even got to the point where teams of shop and office workers sent photos to Viking, in which they proudly displayed homemade National Jim and Rosie Day posters, flags and merchandise, even commemorative plates!

And so, with incredible amounts of pomp and ceremony, this feel-good occasion was added to the DaysOfTheYear.com calendar. Though listed as a national day for the UK, Viking FM’s Facebook page soon had people from other countries, such as Canada and even Bulgaria, offering their congratulations and sharing tales of what they were doing to mark the event.

I popped into the studio again today during my lunch break to shake hands, slap backs and give satisfying high fives all round, not to mention partake in the buffet Jim and Rosie had laid out to celebrate their triumph. (I had a packet of Frazzles, three chunks of pineapple, a Jammy Dodger and a couple of sherbet flying saucers.) It was a most joyous atmosphere indeed and there was a real buzz in the air, although I admit that might have been down to some faulty wiring overhead.

And now that I’m home, I’m going to continue the festivities with a slice of chocolate cake. It is Chocolate Cake Day too, after all.


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