Pandemonium Day, so what did I do? I played Pandemonium! of course, the original Playstation classic that I spent most of 1997 sat in front of.

It’s a bit different now. Well, no, the game’s exactly the same; it’s everything else that has changed. Over fifteen years of technological progression, gameplay maturity and screen growth left me having to sit as far back as the controller’s lead would allow, as it’s so grainy and garish that I felt my eyes were ready to fall out and my brain seep from my ears within five minutes of turning it on.

It’s still pure class though, with a joker and a scantily clad redhead on their voyage to the Wishing Engine in order to undo the destruction of their town, which they originally caused. Plus there are random watermelons and spider webs and all kinds of stuff that you can interact with, which is exactly what you expect from a quasi-medieval fantasy platform game.

So if you ever want to celebrate pandemonium in general, I suggest finding a game that you haven’t even thought about for over a decade and giving it a play – dying due to sluggish response time alone will cause a decent amount of uproar.


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