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Fearful face

9th Oct, 2012 | Posted by in Blog

I quite literally faced my fears on Face Your Fears Day, and managed to insult myself in the process.

So there I was in my spare room, looking through my bookshelves, when I found a small kaleidoscope. Being a lover of Instagram and taking quirky pics, I decided to snap my Jasper Fforde collection through the object, which resulted in this pretty cool pic. However, whilst getting the app ready I accidentally and without realising pressed the button that switches it to the user-facing camera. As a result, my tired, bristly, unimpressed face suddenly appeared on the screen, scaring me half to death and causing a yelp like a spooked dog.

It’s good that I managed to face my fears, but it’s unfortunate that the fear in question was my own mug.

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