The dual occasion of Maritime Day (I almost typed ‘Marmite’ there) and Goth Day proved a hectic one, but in no way because of its celebrations. Basically I just had loads to do and by the time it was the early evening I fell asleep whilst taking a breather. It’s now 4:30am, having woken up to find the light bulb glaring and the computer on standby, so I decided to write this post before going back to sleep.

So anyway, I live in a city that’s steeped in maritime history. From the Maritime Museum itself, the marina and the many docks that have been transformed into everything from a pleasant housing area to a shopping centre on stilts, to the converted Spurn Lightship, the fish trail (sculptures and engravings of various oceanic species across the city centre) and even the huge tiled mosaic above BHS, there’s evidence of a recent fishing industry everywhere you look. Above is a picture of me presenting the Harpooner 3, a historic whaling vessel, to anyone who will humour me for a brief moment.

As for goths… well… I don’t really know any. But above is also a photo of me with my face painted back when I was in charge of events at Waterstone’s Hull. Evidently I thought the best way of running a children’s fun day was by pretending to be Gene Simmons from Kiss. I know that the band is hard rock as opposed to goth music, but come on, just look at that makeup – it was enough to make small children retreat in fear behind their parents’ legs.

Sutherland – 1. Sleep – 0.


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