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Flipping lovely!

21st Feb, 2012 | Posted by in Blog

You can’t beat a good old crispy-at-the-edges-squidgy-in-the-middle circle of fried batter for Pancake Day.

I have an extremely sweet tooth so I’m not really a lemon juice kinda guy, instead my favourite filling is chocolate sauce with mini marshmallows. (Mmm, sickly.) But, as is my way, I thought I might experiment tonight. (Mmm, risky.) I’m thinking honey and grapes maybe? Or Dolly Mixtures and jam? Perhaps rolled-up pancakes within pancakes within pancakes like a gigantic Scooby Snack oozing molten ice cream? (Mmm, potential copyright infringement.)

Whatever the outcome, if I upload a post tomorrow evening for Margarita Day it means my heart has survived the amazingly saccharine but possibly fatal tests (as well as the upcoming tribute to tequila, orange liqueur and citrus).

Happy flipping, one and all, and please do leave a comment with your favourite pancake filling.

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