Early July, Hull, East Yorkshire – the perfect time and place to celebrate Town Crier Day. You may think this is a strange claim and question its validity, to which I give this simple answer: East Yorkshire is home to Triple World Champion Town Crier Michael Wood, and early July is when Hull University’s students graduate, for which he makes loud and proud declarations.

Today Michael could be found in Paragon Square in the city centre, shouting things like “oyez”, “here ye this” and various words ending in “eth”, complete with tricorn hat, clanging bell and perfectly tweaked tash.

I’m sure that other towns and cities appreciate their own bellmen, but ours is a towering ex-serviceman with the vocal chords of a blue whale; it’s like an episode of Pimp My Town Crier, with Dolby Digital surround and the colour turned up to the max.


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