Mankind is on the verge of an important new frontier, we’re preparing to take our first steps into a new world with the intent of establishing human civilization there. This is an exciting and powerfully moving time for those of us who believe that the future of our race lay among the stars.

Not more than a hundred years ago the idea of living and surviving on other worlds was the stuff of science fiction, it wasn’t until relatively recently that we began seriously talking about it, and even more recently that governments around the world began to turn their eye to Mars. Space Exploration Day is the perfect time to reminisce on the advancements we’ve made, and the future that lay ahead.

A Future Among The Stars? Really?

Oh yes really. The probes that have been sent to Mars haven’t just been sent out of scientific curiosity. Instead, they have been sent to turn a serious eye to moving the dominion of mankind off of Earth and into the Solar System.

The importance of doing this can’t be overstated, as an extinction level event occurring on Earth could theoretically happen at any time. Space Exploration Day celebrates and recognizes the courageous and forward-thinking men and women who are taking steps to prevent the extinction of our species in the event of a global disaster.

A Global Disaster? Isn’t That a Bit Much?

We’d like to think so, wouldn’t we? Movies like Armageddon show us scenarios that could easily happen on Earth and shows just one scenario under which life on Earth could come under serious threat. It’s even come closer to happening than most of us realize.

While the meteor has yet to pass by Earth, the Apophis meteor will be passing between the Earth and the Moon on April 13, 2029. Close enough that the threat of impact was, and is, very real. Scientists are as certain as they can be that when this massive meteor passes by the Earth it won’t actually impact, but it only takes one slight miscalculation in the data for that to change.

When you add facts like this in with the possibility of global plagues, super-volcano eruptions (like the one in Yellowstone National Park) and other dangers we may not have considered, getting mankind off of its birthplace and into the stars is the only way to ensure its survival into the distant future.

Space Exploration Day reminds us that we must keep looking up, into the stars, to ensure that future generations will remain safe in the face of the cold, uncaring universe.

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