We all know how important bees are, and not just for the honey industry. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last decade, you’ll have come across umpteen articles, news features, radio discussions and even cartoon strips, films and other media pointing out that if the bees die, we all do.

To elaborate (a little bit), if there were no bees, there’d be no cross-pollination. It would be like stopping every plant on Earth from having sex. Kind of. (For the love of God, if you’re writing an essay on the issue, don’t use me as a source.) But yeah, the gist is that if the bees disappeared due to human processes (deforestation, GM crops,  mass disorientation as a result of mobile network signals) and by-products (expanding landfills, pollution, CFCs), we’d have very little ecosystem to get by on. People, along with the majority of the planet’s organisms, would perish. Plus there’d be no runny honey for your morning toast.

And that, boys and girls, is why Don’t Step On A Bee Day on Thursday 10th July is so damn important. If you see a bee, please don’t step on it. (Why would you do that anyway, you monster?) Moreover, appreciate how essential the little trooper is to the continuation of all life on our lovely blue and green dot. Besides, on top of being tough and hardworking, they deserve a lot of respect for numerous reasons, all of which I discovered thanks to todayifoundout.com:

  • Bees only live for about 40-45 days and work from the second they’re born until the moment they die.
  • It takes about two million flower visits to make a pound of honey. Think about that the next time you leave some on the knife.
  • Bees have known that the world is round since way before Columbus failed to fall off the edge of it. They also have an understanding of angles that would have turned Pythagoras green with envy.
  • Honey is made by taking nectar and mixing it with enzymes from the bee’s mouth. Yep, you read that right.
  • A colony will immediately know that their queen is dead, simply by using their sense of smell. They will then go about creating a new one without taking time to mourn.

Bees are astonishing and wonderful creatures and must be looked after no matter what. It really doesn’t take much to achieve this on an individual level, just don’t step on the poor little guys!


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