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The term Girlfriend has been around since 1863, and was commonly used at that time to describe a woman’s female friend. 60 years later the meaning had shifted to describe someone’s romantic partner. Girlfriends’ day celebrates all of these meanings and everything in between, and we have a few suggestions about how to make that day important for you and your Girlfriend, whatever the meaning.

1. Revisit old traditions –
Everything started somewhere, and Girlfriends’ Day is your opportunity to honor those beginnings. Whether it was the blossoming of romance in an old diner, or the Haagen-Dazs and horror films that were the foundation of a friendship that would outlast a thousand romances, do it all over again.

2. Stoke The Fires –
Every relationship requires maintenance, and Girlfriends’ Day is a great time to plan a little surprise. Get out into the countryside for a picnic or take her hiking to remote places, something that will draw you closer and have a great time. Groups are always fun too, so have your girlfriends get together for a brunch and martini day, and have a great time catching up.

3. Make New Friends –
Whether you’re looking for a romantic partner to share your life with, or have been wondering about that quiet new girl in the office, open the doorways to a great new relationship. Put yourself out there and ask that girl you’ve been pining over out to coffee, or invite the wall flower at the office out for drinks with the girls from the office.

4. Thelma and Louise It! –
Ok, probably best that you leave the bit at the end out, no need to go driving over a cliff with your best friend. It’s romantic and uplifting in its own way, but the downsides are kind of catastrophic. But having a fantastic adventure with your girlfriend is a great way to draw you ever closer.

Remember And Celebrate Them!
Nothing compares to having a great girlfriend in your life, and that’s true in both the romantic and friendship sense. Sometimes no one quite gets the trials and tribulations you’re facing or how to best see you through them like that dyed in the wool girlfriend that has been there through thick and thin.

They’re your confidants, your cheerleaders, and sometimes your coach to pick your butt up and get you through the day. Girlfriends’ Day is the day to remember and honor everything you’ve been through and reaffirming that you’ll always be there for each other.

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