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19th Feb, 2012 | Posted by in Blog

This blog certainly does give me a cerebral and creative workout, but it’s not doing me much good physically. In February alone (bearing in mind it’s still only the 19th) we’ve had Crepe Day, Bubblegum Day, Ice Cream For Breakfast Day and Nutella Day… in fact they were all within the first five days. Then this week there was Gumdrop Day and Almond Day, today we have Chocolate Mint Day, and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday there’s Pancake Day, Margarita Day and Tortilla Chip Day, respectively. Plus on Saturday there’s Sword Swallowers Day, but I won’t be trying it out because I doubt I’d be able to fit one in my stomach!

So yes, I did celebrate Chocolate Mint Day with some mint chocolate ice cream – granted, the wording was the wrong way round but it was still tremendously chocolatey and mighty minty – but tomorrow I’m joining the local gym… again (it’s happened a few times). I’m going to stick to it this time though, because if I’m not careful I’ll soon be unable to leave my bed in order to write the blog. In fact I’ll be celebrating Tuesday 28th February’s Rare Disease Day a little too thoroughly by suffering from Blogger Blubber, a most immobilising condition indeed.

Excuse me, I dropped some mint chocolate on my jumper. *GLOMPH!*

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