I don’t use compost because my front garden is tiny and my back garden is a Flintstones-style slab of concrete, but I do appreciate the importance of Learn About Composting Day.

I make sure that every single apple core, eggshell, used teabag, pistachio shell, unwanted bacon rind and displaced breadcrumb goes into my little compost caddy in the kitchen. Supplied by the City Council, it comes with biodegradable bags and a larger but still very portable compost container for outdoors. If you don’t use compost yourself, you simply leave it on the street each Tuesday morning and it’s emptied into the composting lorry, which somehow – mercifully – never fills the air with the smell of bad yoghurt or rotten fish.

I do this every week, but from the look of my front garden you’d think I used fresh compost each day. The wild flowers have a mind of their own, the grass is almost as tall as me and the dandelions multiply faster than Roald Dahl’s Matilda! Still, I rather like weeds – zero maintenance, good for the environment, and they certainly add colour to my otherwise primarily grey view from the living room window. I just need to watch out that they don’t block the sunlight entirely, that’s when my bushwhacker side comes out. *choppy choppy*


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