There are so many aspects of this particular occasion that I love. For example: perfectly crispy Yorkshire puddings, ceramic figures above the fireplace, a glowing spectrum of pansies surrounding the garden, and the aroma of freshly purple-rinsed silver curls— Excuse me a moment…

My apologies, it has come to my attention that today is Grammar Day, not Grandma Day. Permit me to reboot…

Let it be written that I before E except after C is the Judas of grammar. After all, ‘ancient’, ‘species’, ‘science’, ‘sufficient’, ‘society’, ‘seize’, ‘weird’, ‘either’, ‘height’, ‘foreign’, ‘leisure’, ‘counterfeit’, ‘neither’ and ‘their’ will all argue otherwise. In addition, referring to ‘grammar’ as ‘grammer’ is simply a misspelling, so don’t beat yourself up about being a “Fail Whale” if such an occurrence arises.

As far as I’m concerned, as long as you don’t mix up your ‘their’ with your ‘there’, your ‘where’ with your ‘were’ and, possibly the most importantly, your ‘bear’ with your ‘bare’, you’re as forgivable as someone who confuses ‘here’ with ‘hear’. And after all, as the old saying goes: “What happens in Scrabble, stays in Scrabble.”



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