I bite my nails.

I pick my nose.

I’m terrible with money.

I’m clean and tidy at home to the point of displaying OCD…

…and yet my work desk is always a mess.

If I drop food on the floor, I pick it up whenever and eat it, regardless of the five-second rule.

If I had superpowers, I’d totally be a villain.

I can’t swim…

…mainly because I’m afraid of large bodies of water.

I’m also afraid of spiders, and if I encounter one, it simply has to die.

Free food is something I always take advantage of…

…especially at funerals.

If I get very drunk, when I arrive home I tend to have a dance in the kitchen.

I could eat McDonald’s, doughnuts and chocolate all day every day…

…but thankfully I’m a guilt-ridden, vain, self-conscious worrier.

Despite being a man, I don’t follow any sport.

I’m terrible with money…

…and listening to people.

I love both Punisher films, no matter what anyone says about them.

I like vintage pottery.


And, most importantly of all, I hate – hateHonesty Day.


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