For a decade or two we thought them outdated, but Monday 12th August promotes the timeless culture of large plastic discs with sound recorded in their grooves. We are of course talking about Vinyl Record Day, and it’s a happy coincidence that this celebration occurs at the same time as Youth Day, which encourages us to help the next generation learn new and interesting topics. We at DOTY are big fans of combining joint occasions, so why not treat the little tykes to a tour of your old record collection?

“Can you please pass the salt? No, with your other hand.” Lefthanders Day on Tuesday 13th August pays tribute to a common condition, but one that is rarely thought about by right-handed people. Seriously, when was the last time you considered how much easier it is to open the fridge or flush the toilet with your right hand, simply because such appliances were designed for the majority? So today’s the day you should try doing everything with your left hand… unless of course you’re already left-handed, in which case give out a few left-sided high fives to disorientate the righties.

It’s the middle of August, so chances are the weather is pretty hot wherever you are (at least when compared to wintertime). Thankfully, Creamsicle Day on Wednesday 14th August is a very simple celebration, so fetch yourself a tasty icy snack from the freezer and chill out for a while!

Having enjoyed yesterday’s creamsicle, continue the spirit of unwinding and embrace Relaxation Day. However, Thursday 15th August is also Lion Day, so whilst swinging in your hammock or rocking in your chair, take a moment to think about the king of the jungle, a majestic creature whose numbers have dramatically decreased over recent years. Once you’ve done that, Like ‘Lion Day’ on Facebook and follow @BigCatRescue on Twitter to see how you can help save everyone’s favourite mega kitty from extinction.

Men of the world, it’s Friday 17th August: time to get your act together and make yourself look fine! Men’s Grooming Day means that there’s simply no excuse to be messy, scruffy or whiffy, so visit your local barbers or salon and get the full works. Whether you then go home to the missus or paint the town red is up to you, but by God you’ll give those lucky ladies a gift they’ll never forget!

Another double occasion that works nicely is Thrift Shop Day and Homeless Animals Day on Saturday 18th August. The former is about saving money through buying secondhand goods where possible, and the latter is about helping poor, abandoned critters that simply need a loving family to take them in. Now, you may not be able to look after a new pet yourself due to other obligations, but by saving a bit of cash in the thrift shop, surely you can donate a little to your local animal sanctuary?

Bad Poetry Day on Sunday 19th August is the perfect opportunity to write some absolute stinkers and recite them to your friends. Here’s one I made earlier:

I write poems to express myself,

they’re good for the soul and mental health.

People don’t like them and tell me to stop,

but I just keep on going and… er… never stop.


Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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