Look Up At The Sky Day is perfectly suited to the way I live. It’s not so much that I have my head in the clouds all the time, it’s that I love spotting architectural features that many may miss. I appreciate buildings from different angles – watching a house or shop peep out between a gap, only to then disappear as I walk on – and always admire the unique contrast of blue, grey or red sky against tile, slate and brick.

I do this naturally every day; whether I’m in a built-up area, a park, the city centre, a housing estate or anywhere else, I’m addicted to the way structures pierce the wild blue yonder, and the way that it, in turn, stretches down to caress the rooftops.

Today I was enjoying an unhurried walk home. I’d placed a £5 bet at odds of 33/1 on Rare Bob to win the Grand National (he came down on Fence 5), bought some jelly dolphins from the new sweet shop Sugar Sugar, and was listening to The Pixies on my iPod. Fighting the urge to give a worryingly contented smile whilst alone in public, I looked up at the rainclouds that couldn’t do anything to dampen my spirits. Then, despite wearing glasses, a hailstone the size of a marble shot straight into my eye.

I may simply remember what the tops of buildings look like and focus on the ground from now, it’s far less painful.


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